TCF Microfinance bank in Nigeria

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TCF Microfinance bank in Nigeria

TCF Microfinance bank is specialist for installment loans. Speed is the essence of our business . We deliver with pace,ensuring an excellent level of responsiveness to our clients to meet our goal of timeliness

TCF Microfinance bank is an indigenous Micro financial institution established in the year 2014 to deliver financial solutions and services such as loan and other forms of microcredit to individuals, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises, who do not have access to such services as provided by conventional financial institutions. At our core is the provision of excellent and professional customer experience and Microcredit loan facilities to help boost businesses and standard of life of the people such as Quick Loans, Payday Loan and Salary Advance.

Our TCF microfinance bank rules

We are driven by values such as Speed, Transparency and Integrity. In order to meet and exceed customer expectations, our services are delivered promptly, without hidden charges while carrying the customer along from start to finish. These are values which have distinguished us as a business. Try our installment loans now.

To clarify, achieve our vision of being the best Micro Finance Bank in the country contributing positively to the economic well being of the people. As a results we entered into strategic partnership with Sterling Bank Plc to deliver financial solutions and services. This means our customers can deposit funds into their accounts in any of sterling Bank’s 187 branches nationwide. Our current account holders can also withdraw from any of these branches, using their check book.


In short, you can do everything online or visit us at TCF microfinance Bank, with head office at 2A Osborne Road, Ikoyi, Lagos is duly registered with the corporate Affairs Commission, Nigeria and Licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria. At the helm of affairs of TCF is a Board of Directors consisting of technocrats, who are all high fliers in various sectors of the economy

At TCF Microfinance bank, we believe in our staff. We believe staff are pivotal to the achievement of organizational set goals therefore we are committed to the welfare, continuous training and retraining of our staff. We are also vested in investing in advanced technology, in order to enhance our service delivery and also achieve set goals.


Firstly, its our speed of installment loan application

Above all, at TCF bank, we believe time is of essence. Our services are delivered promptly and professionally to enable customers attend to other issues. Our turnaround time is reduced to the barest minimum. We offer loan of upto 100,000,00 Naira in 24 hours.

Secondly, its our transparency

Financial relationships are built on trust and transparency breeds trust. TCF microfinance Bank understands this therefore we offer participatory services, where the client is carried along every step of the way. The process for accessing loans, the cost and implications are clearly explained to them, to avoid issues of breach of trust due to misunderstanding of terms and conditions.

Thirdly, its our integrity

Thirdly, but not finally, this is the soul of our business at TCF Microfinance Bank. We keep to our words, we deliver on our promises to ensure continued trust and customer satisfaction.


Firstly, we have a range of products designed to meet our customer’s financial needs.  We offer personal and corporate micro finance banking services to suit your respective needs. In other words, we are installment loans specialist.

Personal Banking Products include

TCF Target Savings Account.

Whether you are thinking of buying a car or going on luxury vacations, there is always a need to put money away for safe keeping. TCF Target Savings Account encourages you to save money for your dream projects while earning interest on it. This account can be operated on channels such as Online banking services, ATM and POS terminals with our master card.


This account offers the following benefits

  • Competitive interest rates on compounding basis
  • Quick access to funds with TCF MasterCard
  • Personalized savings plan
  • Rapid growth of  investments
  • Internet banking access


Most importantly, TCF current account offers you the flexibility of banking on the go and third party banking, using your chequebook. It is a comfortable means of banking as you have access to your money from any of our partner branches nationwide. With your check book and online platforms.

In TCF microfinance bank, you can operate your TCF Current Account using your check book, ATM card and/other electronic devices such as POS terminals and internet banking.


  • Firstly, Quick access to funds with TCF MasterCard/Verve card issued in your name
  • Secondly, Flexibility of banking
  • Thirdly, Internet banking access
  • Finally, Chequebook  issued in your name upon your request


  • Duly completed application form
  • Copy of recent utility bill of not more than three months old such as NEPA, Water rate, Cable TV bills.
  • Two (2)  Passport photographs
  • Copy of valid means of ID card such as international Passport, National Identity Card, Voters card, National Drivers Licence.
  • Two (2)  duly completed reference forms
  • And you can have installments loans open same time


Therefore, TCF Microfinance bank provides microloans to give individuals and Small and Medium Scale Enterprises an opportunity to build and improve themselves. Thereby becoming self sufficient. Similarly, we offer small scale loans, salary advance up to 40% of your monthly net salary payable upon receipt of salary. Our loan booking process is quite fast. We process quick cash loans of up to 1,000,000,000.00 Naira within 24 hours!


  • An adult of at least 22 years old
  • Must be gainfully employed
  • Must have been in current employment for upto 6 months.
  • Holder of a recognized, valid means of Identification

Benefits of TCF Installment loans Loans

  •  Firstly, Easy access to funds with TCF MasterCard/Verve card
  •  Secondly, Overdraft line of up to 33.3% of monthly net salary
  •  Thirdly, Automatic repayment on payday
  •  Finally, Instant overdraft renewal same day as payday


In addition to personal banking services, TCF Microfinance Bank also provides micro loans to businesses. Especially Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SME). This package is called TCF SME. Traditionally, most SME’s do not have access to loan and credit facilities from conventional banks. Hence the rise of Micro Finance Banks like TCF.


That is to say, TCF Microfinance bank offers small and medium scale Enterprise operators access to quick and flexible loans. This is to boost their output. Thereby increasing their sales and self reliance. The beautiful thing about this is that prospective customers do not need to be account holders. For instance to have operated an account with the bank for a while before they can access this loan service. The major requirement here is an existing, viable business. But, you can have installment loan anytime you need it.

For instance, what sets TCF Microfinance Bank apart is primarily the efficiency and ease of access to credit facilities. Documentation and collateral requirements are significantly more flexible than anywhere else in the Nigerian banking sector, and the processing time is the shortest available.

Benefits of SME Banking

  • Firstly, Easy access to funds with TCF MasterCard/Verve card
  •  Secondly, Overdraft line of up to 33.3% of monthly net salary
  •  Thirdly, Automatic repayment on payday
  •  Finally, Instant overdraft renewal same day as payday

SME Banking Documentation Requirements

  •  Completed application form
  •  Provide necessary documents
  •  2 Passport photographs
  •  Statement of Account/Payslip
  •  Provide 2 guarantors

Installment Loan Benefits

  •  That is to say, we have best – Competitive and affordable rate
  •  In other words – Convenient repayment options

 Online and Mobile Banking access