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The best salary advance online

Here you can find all verified payday loans, salary advance , installment loans and fast loans online

Firstly, what are salary advance loans? Synonymous to advance loan, salary loan, small dollar loan, short-term loans, payroll loans, or cash advance loans, this type of loan is short-term and  is primarily for salary earners.

Salary advance comes with a low interest rate and is paid back when the loanee receives his next salary. As a salary earners, this type of loan is for you. You obtain the loan and you are meant to payback (alongside an agreed-upon interest) when you receive your next salary. In other words, this loan is obtained based on your income profile. Law regarding this type of loan varies widely between diverse countries, and in Federal systems, between diverse provinces and states. In Nigeria, a country with a somewhat high standard of living, payday loans are predominant. To sum up, you can obtain payday loans online from moneylenders or microfinance institutions.

List of best salary advance providers

Rating : quick decision, perfect customer services, SME loans, everything is online, to clarify TCF is best installment loan provider
Loan amount : 100 000-1 500 000naira
Terms : 1-24 month, above all TCF is good choice

Rating : instant loan decision, low amount, to clarify, Ferratum is best payday loan specialist
Loan amount : 10 000-50 000naira
Terms : 7-45 days, above all Ferratum is Finish base company

Rating : to clarify, simple process, additional documentation need it
Loan amount : 100 000-500 000naira
Terms : 1-12 month, above all page is small but trendy company

Rating : to clarify, big bank, hard to get loan, offer different bank products
Loan amount : depends on your income
Terms : 1-12 month, above all Zenith is bank with history

Rating : to clarify, small bank, manual process, salary advance
Loan amount : 50 000-350 000 naira
Terms : 1-12 month

Everything about salary advance

Firstly, salary advance can be obtained from credit companies or financial institutions. These loans comes in diverse varieties. Before you can obtain a loan from a credit company or a financial institution, some policies or rules must be met or satisfied. These rules depends on the loaner (be it an organization or an individual) and the type of loan you wish to obtain. Some loans comes with huge interest and stringent  rules while some doesn’t. That is why you have to carefully scrutinize your loan options before taking the next step in terms of obtaining a loan. For examples of loans are mortgage, car loans, pay day loans, appliance loans, debt consolidation loans, student loans a personal loans, etc. We are going to well more on salary advance.

payday loans online

Getting salary advance

  Obtaining a salary advance is as simple as you can imagine.

The requirements of a salary advance may differ from lender to lender, but usually, you will require the following to apply for on. Me on.

You must meet :

the minimum age n.requirement which is about 18.

have an active phone number.

be able to display proof of income.

That is to say, individuals or organizations that provide payday loans are usually moneylenders with physical locations that gives room for on-site credit application and acceptance. Obtaining a payday loan requires you to tender some details. You must have a previous payroll and employment record before you can obtain a payday loan from any loaner. As an individual who intend on obtaining a payday loan from any financial institution or moneylender, you must provide a genuine paycheck from your employer showing your current levels of income.

Your income

Payday lenders always base their loans on a percentage of your predicted short-term income, that is why it’s essential that you provide them with genuine paycheck. Your wages can also be used as a collateral in payday loans, it depends on the lender. Your credit score and history which is gotten from a hard credit pull at the time you applied for the loan, is among the factors that will determine the payday loan terms.

You can obtain about 500000 naira payday loans from lenders, although some lenders restrict the size of the first loan they offer. One of the fact you should know while harbouring the thought of obtaining a payday loan is that loan periods starts at less than a week and on few cases can run to months. Payday loans doesn’t always come with an early repayment charge, but you are sure to pay fees for initiating the loans including interest, which is always calculated daily.

online installment loan

Need online loan ?

  Peradventure, you are in dire need of cash and you need cash fast you can always obtain salary advance online. In addition, you would be required to complete the loan application online ( or in some cases through fax, especially where documentation is needed). The funds are then moved by direct deposit to your account, the finance charge and/or  the loan repayment is withdrawn electronically the next time you receive your salary. In Nigeria, you can obtain payday loans from different banks example TCF microfinace bank

Secondly, what you require ?

  Online installment loan is another type of loan individuals you may prefer to obtain. This type of loan is somewhat suitable for you if you wish to remit loans in installments. In other words, this type of loan gives you access to larger amount of loan and a longer payment period, including a personalized payment schedule. Installment loans enables you to borrow what you require for your progressing day, it can be for a wedding party, home refurbishment, medical bill, tution fee, vacation, or other personal expenses. Unlike other loans, you can always remit installment loans slowly over a given period of time. According to what you feel you can afford, for anywhere ranging from a few months to many years. So, payday loans is just for short purpose.

Finally, how much you need ?

If you require a little payday loan,let’s say 4,000 Naira to cover the gap between what you have conserved and what you require to settle the videographer for the wedding, for example, a short-term payday loans online or installment loan is the way out. An enormous amount to take care of your medical bills or to purchase that new house will maybe need a longer period of payback. Therefore, your online installment loan is remitted over a period of three years through constant monthly payment and interest automatically removed, or can be paid by a personal check from your account. You should know that there exist no penalty for paying off the payday loan early.

What is the difference between an installment loan and a salary advance

 Firstly, some customers prefer salary advance, they feel that it the same as installment loans. Sorry, but this assumption is incorrect for diverse reasons. To start with, a payday loan is not synonymous to an online installment loan. You are required to remit the loan back in the space of 30 days or maybe less. Usually, if you obtain a payday loan, you will need a post-dated check to cover the repayment. In other words, you would have to create an automatic electronic withdrawal from your bank account. Mind you, the interest rates can be quite expensive.


Meanwhile, an online installment loan can assist you with whenever unexpected financial events arises (e.g those events you did not plan for in your budget). Already prepared to attend an important meeting, you hop into your car, turn the ignition and nothing occurs. You get out of the car frustrated, with the though of how you would get to the location of the meeting assaulting your mind. This is the type of unplanned event i am referring to.  Have always in your mind, you can take any payday loans online.

Many of us have tight budgets which make it impossible to make room for such unexpected expenses. Perhaps, the money will be available next month from your salary, or in a month or two you could probably save up for the expenses, but you are in a dire need of a solution for your car. You have two options you either fix it, or get a new one or try travel loans online. These options requires money you probably don’t have. How do you get out of this problem? Simple! To sum up, an online installment loan is the ideal panacea to this problem.

It can present to you the relief you need

Firstly, you can get the exact amount of money you need immediately, no addition or subtraction.

Secondly, the processing of your online application can be done immediately.

Finally, even if you own a bad credit, you can still get an online installment loan.

Above all, you can obtain fast loans online through payday loans.

  Another payday loan option you may find lucrative is the salary advance. Salary advance is a small short-term unsecured loan that depends on you having late employment records and payout. With a salary advance in Nigeria, you can either repay from your next paycheck or over an agreed period of time. This type of loan requires the go ahead of your employer. Though few companies limit the circumstances under which they will allow an salary advance.

online salary advance

Advantage of salary advance online

 This type of service comes with some advantages. These are:

Firstly, you can utilize this loan option for any purpose whatsoever.

Secondly, you don’t have to open new negotiation on a new loan for each present or future requirement.

Thirdly, there exist a constant monthly payment which encapsulates repayment of the interest and principal,  so that you are aware of the exact amount of your commitment every month.

Fourthly, contrary to most forms of installment finance, the cist of borrowing in this payday loan option is less.

Finally, in few cases, when you don’t need a borrowing facility,  the monthly transfers makes an interest-bearing savings account.

  Difference between salary advances and payday loans

Firstly, loans are obtainable for a long period which is contrary to salary advances.

Secondly, with payday loans, you can borrow a large amount of money  whereas with salary advances you can’t.

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