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Page International Financial Services Limited is a revolutionary retail finance institution (Licensed by using Central Bank of Nigeria) in Nigeria. We started out business in 2014 and feature on the grounds that brought retail economic services in an unheard of way to our esteemed customers. However, we provides brief loans, funding and different economic services via our diverse channels including internet and cellular app platforms. Most importantly, our excellent products and services are created to suit the economic requirements of our numerous customers.

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Page financial

Rating : to clarify, simple process, additional documentation need it
Loan amount : 100 000-500 000naira
Terms : 1-12 month, above all page is small but trendy company

We region first-rate significance in maintaining lasting relationships with our clients at some point of their monetary lives which makes our offerings to be brought in a targeted manner that puts into consideration and purchaser’s preferences.

Through our Page financial offerings you may rise up to N5 Million loan in three hours.

Reasons for loan and the advantages. For example, Business Loan.

Business loans are taken out for numerous motives. An organization may also need to relaxed finance to keep commercial enterprise operations, invest in equipment, start a brand new department, or any wide variety of other motivations. However, the largest benefit of eliminating a business loan at some point of hard economic instances is that companies can use it to growth their running capital and every other gain of getting a commercial enterprise mortgage is that, if the loan is lent to a company entity, the mortgage will not typically have to be repaid via the business owner if the enterprise fails. In the occasion of failure, the business is liquidated which enables pay again component (every now and then all) of the funds borrowed. Many business owners preserve this advantageous element in thoughts when borrowing cash due to the fact its miles best the corporation in an effort to move bankrupt within the occasion of loan default, no longer the owner individually.

Personal loan at Page Financial

Some of the advantages of a personal loan consist of the subsequent:

1) Flexibility of utilization:

This is one in every of the biggest advantages of a personal loan. You don’t need to inform the monetary group approximately the cease usage of the mortgage money. You can use it however you need to. People normally take private loans for marriage, excursion, beginning a new enterprise or expanding an current commercial enterprise, clinical emergency, buying a system or client durable, home renovation, debt consolidation, training etc. Your end motive can be this type of or something else.

2) No collateral is needed:

Personal loans are unsecured loans in nature. Hence you don’t need to provide any security or collateral to the economic group for purchasing the loan. While no collateral is a advantage, the flip facet of this is that the interest rate on non-public loans is barely higher compared to secured loans like home loan or automobile loan.

3) Readily to be had and may be carried out on line:

Personal loans are simply available compared to different loans. You can go through the whole technique, from utility to disbursement through the online channel without go to the financial institution or NBFC or intermediary branch. With the appearance of technology and digitization, in case of a few monetary establishments, now you could get a personal loan distributed in a couple of minutes or couple of hours.

4) Minimum paperwork:

In case of personal loans, the documentation is much less compared to different loans. In maximum case you may need to publish a duly stuffed application form, picture, identification proof, address evidence and income proof and you’re ready to get a personal mortgage. As defined in the above factor, this will be carried out on line also. In case of personal loans, the processing time is less in comparison to different loans, resulting in quick disbursement.

5) Interest rate is fixed:

In case of private loan there aren’t any floating prices. Hence you already know the EMI to be repaid proper on the time of utility and it remains constant all through the loan tenure.

6) Flexible tenure of Page financial

At the time of software, you have the ability to select the tenure. The tenure is usually from 6 months to 36 months. This might also vary from one monetary institution to every other. Based at the tenure selected through you, the EMI is labored out by way of the economic institution.  In other words, Personal loans are an awesome choice for quick time period necessities like shopping for purchaser durable items or home appliances. The hobby fee on non-public loans is low as compared to credit score playing cards.

7) Tool for credit score rating in Page Financial

Personal loans are a good tool for building credit score for first time debtors who don’t have credit history. Personal loans are also an amazing tool for a person who has low credit score to build / enhance his / her credit score rating to grow to be eligible for loans of better quantity and period like home loans or car loans. In case of individuals with terrible credit records (behind schedule payments or defaults inside the past). Personal loans are an excellent tool to restore horrific credit ratings.

Whatever be your purpose for taking a private mortgage from the above referred to blessings, you can evaluate personal loans and observe for the high-quality one via https://pagefinancials.Com and fulfill your wish.

How a great deal can I borrow?

Our minimum loan amount is N100,000 and the higher restriction for a new patron is N5, 000, 000.  In the same vein depends upon borrower’s capacity to repay primarily based on verifiable income level and other choice criteria.

How do I make payments on my loan?

You could make payments via one-of-a-kind channels relying on that’s handy.


This serves as an automatic number one form of repayment in the direction of your current facility. It is installation with the aid of contacting your financial institution and having them set it up for your behalf.

Direct Debit Mandate (DDM):

This is followed as your primary form of repayment closer to your existing facility and is set up as part of your initial utility method via your on line profile.

NUBAN Cheques:

Your cheques function a fall returned plan for reimbursement and might be supplied most effective in cases in which we’re not able to claim your compensation via Remita or DDM.

Online Payments:

The best, what you can do is login for your online profile page on our Secured Online Banking Platform and with ease make your loan reimbursement. This payment is reconciled automatically without human interference and might easily be followed as a number one form of compensation.

Our Vision and our Mission as Page Financial

VISION: To stay the leading technologically progressive retail economic organization in Africa.

MISSION: To create a work place that offers same possibilities for employees, handy surroundings for customers, worthwhile investments to our shareholder. Therefore fee to our network and we continuously attempt to apprehend our clients’ needs so we can offer efficient economic answers and possibilities.  As a result, connecting with us makes you be in secure arms.

In conclusion, beneath are the Ways to transact with Page Financial


Control your money on the pass with our Genie. Check balances, circulate money, make bills and extra anywhere you’re.


Page 24/7. Check balances, make bills, see transactions and open new accounts any time – all with internet banking.

In shop

A pleasant face and a short solution. And all the usual fee services too. We’re open Mondays – Fridays, 8am – 6pm.


If you want help you may speak to a real character in our touch center from 8am – 6pm on weekdays and 10am – 2pm on Saturdays.

You can also attain us through our website:

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