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Best investment opportunity in Nigeria

fixed deposit with different rates and conditions

  1. Minimum of N100, 000.00 deposit
  2.  Earn highly competitive interest rate on your FDP
  3.  Options of monthly interests paid into customer’s nominated account
  4.  Option of quarterly interest
  5.  Back-end interests with principal at the end of tenor
  6. Internet banking access
  • Get up to 10% interest rates yearly based on your daily balances.
  • With just #10,000 you can begin your target plan.
  • You can withdraw as high as 20% of available balance for as much as 3 times a month.
  • Investment period (tenor) is a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of 360 days.
  • Minimum opening balance is N100, 000
  • Amount can be terminated before maturity but accrued interest will be forfeited
  • Amount can be terminated at customer’s discretion
  • Attractive interest rate
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