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Mobile loan financing

Instant loans which fit to your finance income. Everything is online, simple and quick

Why wait to use the latest and greatest technology?

Firstly, MoneyMarket provides instant loans to help you become a proud owner of a brand new mobile phone. Is your phone outdated? Or do you want to use the very best out there? Lucky you! MoneyMarket is here to help. Most importantly, these instant loans are available with flexible repayment plans and at industry-leading interest rates.

Choose your mobile then apply for instant loan

OUKITEL C13 Pro 4G Smartphone 5G/2.4G WIFI 6.18″ 19:9 2GB 16GB Android 9.0 MT6739 Quad Core Face ID Fingerprint Mobile Phone Original Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 G930F / S7 Edge G935F LTE Octa Core 5.1″ 12MP 4G 32G ROM GSM Android Mobile Phone S7 Phone Brand New Samsung Galaxy A6s SM-G6200 4G LTE Mobile Phone 6.0″ 6GB RAM 64GB/128GB ROM Snapdragon 660 Octa Core Fingerprint Phone Lenovo K5 Play Phone Global Version 4G B20 Smartphone Android Mobile Phone Octa-core Face Recognition 5.7″ Fingerprint 13.0MP Original New Letv LeEco Le 2 X620 3GB RAM 32GB ROM MTK Helio X20 Deca Core Mobile Phone 5.5 inch 1920×1080 16MP Fingerprint ID Original Lenovo K320t Mobile Phone 5.7 inch Full Screen Android 7.0 4G LTE Smartphone 2GB RAM 16GB ROM 8MP Fingerprint 3000mAh Global Version Lenovo A5 3GB RAM 16GB ROM Mobile Phone MTK6739 Quad Core 5.45′ Smart Phone Fingerprint 4G-LTE Cellphone

HOW IT WORKS – instant loan

  • Create a MoneyMarket account

Firstly, just signup and be a part of the MoneyMarket family. It’s a very simple and easy process.

  • Find your device

Whatever new mobile phone you desire, you can get. Just search online or source through your local vendor for a device that meets your requirements,

  • Apply for instant loan

Reach out to us and fill out a few forms online. No worries, you will be done in minutes. Just provide some personal and bank details and you are set. Above all, no credit check or collateral required.

  • Approval

After reviewing your mobile instant loan application, we then go ahead to grant your request. This usually takes under 24 hours. Fast right? To sum up, provided terms and conditions are met.

  • You get your device

Finally, we help you acquire the device from a reputable vendor and have it delivered to your doorstep.



So long as you have access to the internet, you can access MoneyMarket’s mobile financing services. Meanwhile, our website works excellently well on both desktop and mobile.


No repayment plan is imposed. You decide how you pay. You can pay back in installments for up to a year.


All your transactions and business dealings with us are transparent. No extra costs are accrued to you for our services.


The instant loans are available in less than 24 hours. Just apply and we take care of the rest.


You can access instant loans for new mobile phones up to N500, 000. This lets you pick from a plethora of products including top-of-the-line products from industry giants, Apple and Samsung.


We want Nigerians to be at the forefront of mobile technology, however, not only will they be consumers, we hope that the proliferation of mobile devices helps Nigeria become a formidable contributor and innovator in today’s digital landscape.

We believe that through offering top-notch mobile financing services and best instant loans, our vision will come to fruition.

FAQ – instant loans

  • Can anyone access these mobile instant loans?

Yes, but you must be above 18. This is because it is expected that by 18 one should own a bank account and other required to access these loans.

  • How long is the repayment payment?

This depends on you; however, we believe its best that the repayment period does not exceed a year.

  • Is there a limit to the type of device I can buy?

No there isn’t, so long as the cost of the device does not exceed N500, 000.

  • What information will I provide during the application process?

Your bank and personal details are all that you require. Your BVN, address, and passport photographs to name a few.

  • Can I repay in instant online?

Sure, you can pay online. The total amount due will be divided up into monthly payments of smaller amounts depending on the payback period.

  • What is the interest rate on these instant loans?

Our rates are quite great. You can expect interest rates of less than 25%.

Instant loan
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